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the formation of your team

Team formation and digimon synergy is a very important part of the game. Being able to build a good team comp is crucial to helping you progress through the game as well as become competitive in different aspects of the game. It’s good to maintain proper synergy to work on eliminating enemy digimons quickly. Whenever you do damage to the enemy they will gain fury which lead to their ultimate. We want to avoid giving too much fury and finishing them off before the fury maxes out. For these reasons it’s best to build a team with what you have.


This guide is to help you focus on potential 15, 14 and 13 digimon as the potential 16 digimons are incredibly strong and much more difficult to obtain.

Digimons are broken into three types of digimon: Attack, Skill and Defense.

Attack digimons have high attack stats, but low health and defense. These type of digimons are meant to be your DPS just like in MMO’s. They focus on doing high level of damage which helps you melt down the opponent's tanks and backlines. Because they are so glass cannon their defensive stats are not very good, making them risky for the front row. Put these digimons in the back row to take advantage of the bonus ATK and DMG %.

Defense digimons have low attack stats, but high health and defense. Defence types are intended to be tanks, therefore their damage is not as high as their counterpart but they are amazing in the frontline. Compared to an MMO these are your tank that will help to take the initial damage from the enemy before they can reach your back line. Make sure to place these digimons in the front row as they will gain bonus HP, damage reduction and HP % through talent points.

Skill defense has a medium attack, health and defense stats. These are your jack of all trade digimons who are equal in attack and defensive stats, allowing them to go to the front or back row without any issues. Think of them as the hybrid jobs in an MMO that can tank or DPS, or heal and DPS. For these reasons it’s best to look and see how their skills work so you can use them to fill your front line or back line team comp to what you need the most as they can excel in either position.

Due to the stat gains being different you will see BP scores change. Generally attack and skill digimon have higher BP then defense digimon.


For these reasons, attack and skill digimons are best in the back row while defense and skill digimons are best in the front row. When setting up your row formation take these into consideration as talents will buff up attack in back row and hp in the front row.

Single Target

These style of digimons are focused on attacking one target, dealing high percentile damage that helps with quickly eliminating the opposing digimon from the field. These digimons are generally very good for challenger, main battle, and arena.


Be careful with some digimons here, some will only hit lowest HP or highest HP which will restrict the freedom of choice. So when planning which digimon to use, check to see which is best for you. Digimons who target low HP are generally better for taking out back row, while the high HP is for taking out tanks.


Below are the digimons that specialize in this:


Defense Type Digimons:

Leomon, Oppossumon, Beetlemon


Skill Type Digimons:

Aquilamon, Togemon, Duskmon, Gatomon


Attack Type Digimons:

Gargomon, Strikedramon, Agnimon, Musyamon, Woodmon, BlackGatomon

Vertical target

These style of digimons are focused on attacking two targets in a row. They generally deal medium to high percentile damage that helps and may need help from another vertical or single target mon to finish off the enemy. Due to the medium to high damage percentile and the ability to hit two digimon these type of digimons are generally very good for arena, trial and main battle.


Below are the digimons that specialize in this:


Defense Type Digimons:

Kabuterimon, Tankmon, Guardromon, Gaogamon


Skill Type Digimons:

Reppamon, Seadramon


Attack Type Digimons:

Greymon, Garurumon, Pucchiemon, GeoGreymon, ExVeemon

Horizontal target

These style of digimon are focused on attack three targets in a horizontal row. They generally deal medium percentile damage and requires you to have other horizontal mons or help from other damage mons like vertical to clear enemies. Because their damage is more spread they do not excel very well in challenger, but they are good for trial, main battle and arena.


Below are the digimon that specialize in this:


Defense Type Digimon:



Skill Type Digimon:

Wizardmon, Stingmon


Attack Type Digimon:

Lobomon, DarkTyranomon

Area of effect target

These style of digimon are focused on hitting all enemies, dealing low to medium damage. Because their damage is so spread they can cause enemies fury to charge up quickly if you do not eliminate them. Usually these digimons are backed by some extra ability that makes up for the lower damage on their skills. Generally these digimons excel at trial and main battle, but can be good for arena depending on composition.


Below are the digimon that specialize this:


Defense Type Digimon:

Ankylomon, Ranamon


Skill Type Digimon:

Kyubimon, Garudamon


Attack Type Digimon:


Other target

These style are digimon do not fit in the categories above and usually attack in a different pattern or heal instead. For these reasons these digimons are good based off what you need. Strangely enough, these digimon excels at challenger, trial and main battle, and can be great for arena depending on what you need.


Below are the digimon that specialize here:


Defense Type Digimon:

Loweenmon (Target enemies randomly 3x)

Bearmon, Ikkakumon (Hits 4 targets with splash damage)


Skill Type Digimon (both healers):

Kazemon, Sunflowmon


Attack Type Digimon:


The most optimized free to play team comp using only potential 15/14/13 digimon is probably this team composition below. Reason for this is due to the great vertical hitters that helps you bring down the enemy health quickly. Because they carry fury reduction, this helps to prevent them from using their skills against you. The AoE skills here provide both fury reduction to enemy and heals to yourself. Lastly, Garurumon and Gatomon are both buffers which can be fill the same spot very well. If you want you can aim towards this team composition below.


Gaogamon - Ranamon - Seadramon

Greymon - ExVeemon - Garurumon/Gatomon

(Seadramon is released later, during this time you can replace him with Angewomon)

Basics: Team Building Tips

This is a guide on generally how to focus on team building and what style of gameplay you want to go for, this is a very basic guide that provides you the general knowledge needed to help you succeed at building your own team.

It’s very important to understand the different type of digimons, multipliers and what to aim for when it comes to team building. Let’s first look at the three types of digimons.

The bonuses mentioned above in the table are damage boost against that type, as well as taking less damage from that type.

For ex: Attack will do more damage to Skill types and take less damage from them. They are provided in your traits once you unlock the second tree, however the third tree also provides additional bonuses which is important to know.

  • Attack type gains additional crit rate, crit damage and life steal.

  • Skill type gains additional dmg buff, dmg reduction and ultimate skill damage increase.

  • Defense type gains additional block rate, dmg reduction and damage reflection.

It’s also important to understand multipliers for many different attacks, below is the information for their multipliers. Keep in mind these are estimated averages. This means some digimon may do more or less than what is shown on this chart, this is just to provide a basic understanding of how damage is spread depending on damage types.

Just heads up these numbers can be misleading, why? When you do damage to the enemy they gain fury, this also means although the total damage is higher each individual enemy is taking a smaller portion of damage which builds up their fury. The biggest concept to go by is focus on a good spread of damage that will allow you to defeat the enemy so that they can’t counter your damage with fury. For this reason, Vertical type attack is the most common and most efficient damage to be done. Why? For two main reason.

  • You are doing medium to high damage with an average estimated damage of 250% multiplier, and

  • You are hitting both the front and back which allows you to remove the backline threats with relative ease.

Generally the backrow are bigger threats, and when the damage begins to overlap you should be able to take out the backrow in the vertical while weakening the front row. For this reason, Vertical is very strong but the others aren’t without their merits. Single attacks are better for melting down frontline or assassinating backlines, horizontals are good depending on how much supplemental damage you have from your team, and AoE are generally backed by lots of utility which are more used for the secondary effects rather than the primary damage. So let’s look into utility and their effects on the game.

You will find that mostly skill type digimon has alot of utility and generally will always have these secondary effects on their skills. More utilities are likely to be added in the future as more digimons are released, but at these time this is what we have available. Generally, fury reduction, stuns and silence are very powerful utility to have on your team as they provide you alot of advantage over the enemy. There will be times where specific digimons will be used more for their utility effects rather than the damage on their skills. Some good example is Kyubimon for her AoE silence, or Kabuterimon for his vertical fury reduction.

With that, you should aim to build your team like this. Decide on the following:

  1. How tanky do you want your frontline? The more DEF digimon you use, the less damage you have, however the more utility you have you could replace DEF with utility.

  2. What type of attack do you plan to use? Vertical is generally well rounded, with horizontal you may need extra help, don’t use DPS AoE as you will lose. You want to make sure your backline holds your highest damage digimon.

  3. What are your two strongest or most wanted digimon? Make this your core, decide how to build around them and what compliments them.

Just remember to read all the skill description for the digimon you use. Many of them provides specialize buffs like added attack, some will only work if they have certain conditions met like having an additional defense digimon on the field. Make sure you take advantage of each digimon and compare their souls to their abilities as some souls are designed to allow you to abuse the utility of the digimon instead of their damage.

General rule of thumb to avoid:

  • Don’t use more than two defense digimon, you lose too much damage. Unless you want to be a walking fortress.

  • Don’t use AoE DPS, you will feed fury.

Lastly, remember that your front row setup will gain bonus health and health points, while your back row will gain bonus damage and damage dealt. Take advantage of this by placing Skill and Defense types in the front, and put Attack and Skill types in the back.

With that, you have all the knowledge and tools to help you build your team! Keep in mind and balance the type of damage you have so you have good chance to wipe the enemies as well as include utility skills once in awhile. Build around what you have and aim for digimons who are stronger and loaded with crazy amounts of secondary utility effect. With that you will succeed in your team building!

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